The Impeller Group Visual Identity and Business Card

To get going on a logo usually a one hour meeting helps me understand the client, what they are looking for and an understanding of their brand strategy. From here I can do a little more research. In this case I needed to see what an Impeller looked like and find out more about his competition, which the client sent me links for.


Round one

The first presentation was of concepts that I felt were the best out of all the sketches I came up with. I always present in black and white first. At this stage, presenting in black and white not only shows that the logo will work in one color, but also takes out the logo concept preference based on color. 


Round 2

In this case, the client wanted to see two concepts combined to see how it would look. Still keeping it black and white helped him make the decision of the logo he wanted to go with.



Working out a color palette for this identity was easy, he knew he wanted to go blue and green from the start. All I had to do was apply the color to the logo for him to see and approve. This doesn’t always happen this way, but is nice when it does. He decided to go with a simple one color logo with blue as the primary color. I kept the business card just as simple and made it one color rather than trying to add in the secondary color. Sometimes simple is best.