Brand Consultation

Packages start at $500
In this package I take you through and help develop your brand story, values and positioning. All packages start with a free 1 hour meeting in person or over the phone to discuss your wants and needs for your brand. With this meeting I can then set up the best package to meet your goals to get your brand started. Remember, your brand is not your logo! You need to work out what you want your brand story and positioning to be before you can even start working on a logo to visually represent your brand.

Visual Identity

Packages start at $1200
I love to dive deep and work with people on building a visual identity that works with their brand and represents them in a way that can also grow as their brand grows. All packages start with a free 1-hour meeting to discuss your needs and wants as well as who your brand is and how it can be visually represented.

Environmental Branding

Environmental branding can be as simple as a sign behind your welcome desk, to a whole environment that your clients experience as they walk through your lobby and explore your building. This type of work involves an in-depth meeting of what your needs and wants are as well as how your brand could be visually represented in a space. Some examples of working your brand into your environment could also be a window display if you have a store front, signage to direct your customer through your space if they are walking it alone, and donor signage that lets everyone know where generous donations came from.

Custom Hand Lettering

Chalkboard Lettering

1 color - $15/sq ft - minimum of $250
Multiple colors - $25/sq ft - minimum $400

A-frame Easel Chalkboard lettering

Starts at $150 per side

Mural Painting

1-2 color - $20/sq ft - minimum $500
3-5+color - $30/sq ft - minimum $750

Framed Canvas

I also create personalized hand lettering framed canvases for you to hang in your home or office.
For other sizes not listed here, please contact for quote.

Multiple Color

12” x 24” - $300
24” x 36” - $450
24” x 38” - $500

1 color

12” x 24” - $150
24” x 36” - $225
24” x 38” - $250

Social Media Management

Packages start at $400/month
Don’t have time to deal with your social media? Don’t have social media business accounts, or understand how it works and want someone to take it off your hands? Contact me and we can work out what your needs are and set up a package that works best for you. I will set up a social media calendar for you, push your posts out when they need to go out and manage all the tags, comments and hashtags for you to help you build your presence.