Work like a captain chalkboard

My love for victorian style type was the inspiration for this chalkboard. This was mostly a project that was a big experiment for me and I loved every minute of it.



Starting out in the sketchbook helps me visualize and sketch out what the final piece can look at. Sketching is just as important and any other stage in the process. I started out by looking through books and checking out letter styles, embellishments and different typographic layouts on old victorian labels. Got my grid placed together so that I could sketch and start finalizing all the type on a separate piece of paper


Fine tuning

In the next stage, I am able to adjust my grid, decide on the embellishments and fix any odd spacing or inconsistencies that I can see.


Final Sketch

Because I would be projecting this on a wall, I cleaned up everything and thickened the lines a little bit more so that I can see it better when projected on the wall.


Close up detail



On the chalkboard wallI am able to either clean things up a bit more, for example the closeness of the R and A in Pirate. I felt they were too far away from each other in the sketch, so I moved them closer together when I projected it on the wall. I can also add a bit more embellishments, or not add the ones I think are too much.


happy client