Nadi Beauty Product Logo

This logo development was an extensive exercise in hand lettering. She began with a letter from her grandmother that she loved and was hoping the logo could reflect what she remembered and brought back beautiful memories. We started sitting at a table together with me writing the name over and over to see what styles she liked, what connectors, swishes, and shapes. It was a great beginning collaboration to get a feel for what she knew she didn’t want and what she didn’t think she would like, but ended up liking. I used a simple pencil on some sketches, a calligraphy dip pen, procreate on the ipad, and brush markers. Each round she was able to circle what she liked and how she wanted to see things combined and I was able to bounce off of that and give her several other options that could work. I ended up being able to put a hint of her grandmothers handwriting in the letter a, but all the rest are a true combination different styles. She ended up with a logo she loved and that worked very well on her packaging.