Helping visitors find their way around campus easier.


MVNU is located in Mount Vernon Ohio, an hour outside of Columbus. Not only do they have people coming for campus visits, they have a lot of people visiting  throughout the year for many events that are hosted there. Without any signage, and closing off one of their entrances, it wasn't easy for visitors to find there way to where they were going. The map on their website was no help at all either as it was more of a piece of art than an actual map. That is where we came in.



Concept drawings

We spent a day on campus with the map from their website and made notes, took pictures, and both drove and walked around. This not only allowed us to see the signage they currently had but what the decision making points on campus were. Once that was done, we were able to then suggest the number of signs needed and the location those signs should go. With this information we had an idea of what was possible cost-wise to help solve their problem and could begin concepting signage and materials. We were also able to create a new map for their use in brochures and on their website. In the end, we found a local company that worked directly with MVNU to build the signage parts and deliver them to campus so their grounds crew could install the signs themselves that also helped save the university money. All the files in the end were given to MVNU so they could continue building the signs for future use as well as make edits to the map as their school grew.

These signs were made from aluminum and the post, sign face and sign back were all powder coated. Powder coating gives the signs durability that will last for years. The copy on all the signs are reflective vinyl and was placed on the signs after they were installed.