A library to get lost in. 


On the Denison University Campus, the library has to be the most confusing building there is. The original part of the building is a rectangle, and a triangle was added to the building later on. And to make things even more complicated, the entrance was on the third floor.



It always starts with a map, a walk-thru, and a camera to take pictures. In this particular project it took finding the one commonality that each floor had. The obvious items were the north and south stairs, the elevator and a secret "hidden" stairwell that connected the basement floor with the top floor. What wasn't obvious was the wall that ran the length of the building from north to south. We needed to bring that wall to everyones attention, because if you saw that wall, you could figure out where you were. Each floor had a stripe of color on that wall, a single primary color was chosen for each floor and the first thing we recommended was to update the color palette and instead of a stripe, paint the wall floor to ceiling. And since the north and south stairwell doors were on each end of the wall, paint the doors as well. We also recommended re-numbering the floors so you walked in on the 1st floor.

We drew a floor plan for each floor, created an isometric rendering showing where the elevators and stairwells were, and used this map for signage placement as well for the installation team. To make sure our directories were correct, in the summer, we hung up paper print outs where the final sign would go and let the employees soak it in and see what else needed changed. We were able to install all the signage before the students returned in the fall.