Old Worthington Partnership Event Logo

The Old Worthington Partnership contacted me to create a logo for a new event they were hosting that involved beer tasting and crafts in Old Worthington. As always I started doing some research, in this event, on beer labels. I needed to find a way to make the logo not feminine with crafts being involved, and not masculine with the beer being involved. I had to incorporate both together to get the idea across. This turned out to be a super fun project to work on.


Round one

The crafts being advertised were a little bit all over the place in variety, so there wasn’t one particular icon or symbol I could use to represent a certain craft. I decided to go with paint, and line work that looked like pencil or paintbrush strokes. The beer part at this point was a little too obvious when involving the glasses.


Round 2

Going with the logo with the icon of hops in it, I was asked to maybe show a paintbrush painting the line around the words to help reinforce the “craft” part of the night. This is when inspiration hit and I saw that the top of the paintbrush looked like the hops. Light bulb over head and the paintbrush became the stem of the hops icon which made the paintbrush make more sense, and not so “in your face”



The paintbrush hops was the winner and the color palette is the Old Worthington Partnership branding colors.