A little Introduction

As I am rolling into my 2nd year of my official re-launch of MoonBee Designs, I thought it would be appropriate to introduce myself a little bit more that what you see on my about page.

I am an Ohio native. Born and raised.

Grew up in New Albany when it was still country and no one wanted to drive out “that far”. I moved away after high school to attend school in Florida for a short two years before enrolling as a student at The Columbus College of Art and Design. I had dreams of traveling the country and finding a place to settle down that wasn’t Ohio, but I met my husband my first year at CCAD and, well, I haven’t left Ohio since. Funny how life directs you sometimes and you end up where you never expected.

I fell in love with design at CCAD, fell in and out of love with design with various jobs, but always came back to it. I don’t feel quite right if I am not designing. And that goes from something as personal as a room in my house, to a simple postcard for a client.

I enjoy teaching as well. It is actually one of the offerings that I had to make sure was part of my business. I teach calligraphy which is one of those things that fell into my lap and I just flowed with it. I have taught kids cursive, clients all about printing and their own brand as well as going back to my Alma Mater and teaching a few classes there. I love learning, and I am always open to teaching things to people that want to learn.

That begs a big question though. What am I doing when I am not designing or educating? That is simple as well. I love to read, intense thrillers are my favorite. I enjoy going to crossfit in Granville and getting out on the road to catch a couple miles on my bicycle. I dream about one day having a beehive (I have them now, but no bees) and harvesting my own honey as well as traveling to see all the beautiful places I have only seen in pictures.

But right now I am settling for building my design firm, meeting lots of people and designing great stuff. Interested in talking about an upcoming project? Just click on hire me and send me a note.