Is a postcard right for your business?

When you think of postcards, how many of you think of mailing?

Postcards, yes, can be mailed, but sometimes they work much better as a printed piece that gets handed out. When you have a small mailing list, only the people on your mailing list receive your postcard. Even if you buy a list, only those people see what you are advertising.

Take a minute and think about who you want to come into your store, attend your event, or learn about something you are advertising on this postcard. Then think of all the places you see business cards, postcards and flyers. If you start paying attention, you will see them in local restaurants, tourist places, churches, your local gym and even stores. If you are advertising your own store and a special that you are having, you can put a postcard in every bag of each customer and explain to them what it is about. Put a coupon on the postcard and encourage them to come back to use the coupon on their next purchase.

The good thing about not mailing your postcards is that you are not restricted to a mailing size and you have that room that would be the mailing address to have more information about your event or sale. It is also a less expensive way as you are not paying for a list, or postage and fulfillment.

So next time someone mentions “postcard” or you are thinking if it would be good for you, think about all the opportunities you have to pass that postcard out and the reach you could possibly get.