What is Environmental Branding?

When I am talking to people about what I do, I usually don’t get any questions until I say “Environmental Branding”. What exactly is environmental branding?

A simple definition is this: Taking your brand design into your spacial environment like a lobby, or throughout your entire building. This allows your client, customer, employee to experience your brand within your space.

Branding throughout your environment.

Some simple (or seems simple) environmental branding is The Ohio State University Medical Center. If you have ever been to one of their outpatient care buildings, or in the hospital, you see their branding at every turn. It moves from the carpet they pick, to the colors on the wall, to the artwork within the hallways. Just like branding strategy, there is a strategy for the environment. How do you want the customer to feel? Relaxed? Excited? Intrigued?

The fun thing about doing environmental branding is that what can be done is only limited by a budget. The most simple environmental branding is choosing colors for a wall and putting your logo behind a reception desk. Going all the way, the branding will flow through the lighting chosen, patterns on the fabric, signage throughout to even large scale imagery and artwork placed on the walls.

When thinking about environmental branding, you should be asking yourself the same thing you ask yourself about how you want your customer to think about your brand, just reworded a little differently. How do you want your customer to FEEL as they walk through your space. And it should always work in tandem and be a direct representation of your brand.

Next time you are in your bank, a retail space, restaurant, even doctors office, take a look around, do you notice their environmental branding?