The Works Behind the Science event Logo

The works is a wonderful center in Newark, Ohio that focuses on History, Art and Technology. They came to me needing a logo for their new monthly adults only science event. The event focused on a specific science topic for each month and didn’t need to include The Works logo, but they wanted it to utilize their secondary color palette.


Round one

As usual, I started with black and white concepts. Even though I didn’t need to include The Works logo, I wanted to include a part of it and that was reflected in the upper left option. I wanted to keep things fun with the font choices, but keep a retro feel that the client enjoyed.


Round 2

There were two logos that really stood out for them and they wanted to see them in color so they could decide. As requested, I used their secondary color palette, which to my benefit was a wonderfully diverse palette.



They were drawn to the green option and for the final I added in their main blue for the cog, which was the part of their logo I included. In this simple graphic, I showed them how the logo could work as a 2 color, reverse and black logo.