Atlas Overview Brochure and Business Card

With this project I was given a simple style guide for their new logo that had been created along with photos that had been taken of their employees. There were “ideas” of how a printed piece should look, but nothing concrete. With the information I was given I was able to take what they started and pump some life into it.


Half of the images were of people on a solid color background and the other half were people in an environment. They liked the idea of “linear” movement as well as some subtle overlapping circles I created for texture in their pieces. The copy was short and to the point, so I kept the design as clean as possible to emphasize how what they were doing simplified a complex process.

I used a grid to be able to keep the piece cohesive throughout. You will see on the cover the image is at the top and on the inside, a color block replaces where the image was. The line work separating the two sections stayed consistent. Even when building a spread with the image in the middle, it still followed the grid so the piece didn’t feel jarring from one page to the next, and gave more variety at the same time.


I pulled the triangle out of the logo as a little guide throughout their pieces. I used this to point out a new section or important copy.